So, in the post below I noted how we are expanding our food offerings and now, we can discuss how many more events we're having!  After being resistant it to it for awhile, I finally learned to embrace the concept of The Pop-Up.  I'm the first to admit it's a little saturated right now; your neighborhood gas station is probably hosting a pop-up as I write.  But honestly; in this economy, the key to success is hybridization and collaboration.  So, for the groups who come in, it's a way to keep their product in front of people and overhead low.  And for us, it is of course fun to meet new makers and draw new audiences.  So it's an all-win, everybody wins.  We include you in that because you, the consumer, get to check out something that maybe you've only seen on Instagram or heard about by word of mouth.

So check our Events page; Vic is updating it ceaselessly and we're finding no thing is too big, too small, or too random be a pop-up.  Sproing!  It's a party!

The March Toward More Food!

When I first started Stock, I produced something like a 41-page business plan.  I had ALL the ideas. In addition to the retail side, we were going to offer loads of classes, our own line of food products, collaborations with JWU, etc. etc., and lots of little fun community engagement things, like food themed movie nights, recipe swap events & fun cooking contests.  

As it happened, just building the retail side was a full time job & so much more.  But with the addition of Jill & Victoria in the trenches alongside me, the last few months have been really productive and energetic.  Some of the things I dismissed as off the table are back on!   What, you ask?  Well, you've probably noticed that we are really going full throttle on our connections to the Rhode Island food producing community.  In the last couple months, we've had Lily's Ladle in to do a class on bone broth, we've added a NitroCart coffee tap, LuLuLuna Kombucha filling stations, PVD Donuts deliveries on Sundays, and coming soon, a weekly pop up with the newest bagels on the block, Rebelle Artisan Bagels.

It's a great time to eat in Rhode Island and we're thrilled that we get to present some of the rich flavors of the Ocean State to our friends and neighbors.  Keep your eyes on this space too, because we're just getting rolling!