Apple Crumble "In the Kitchen" with Andrea Wool and Finex

Healthy Apple Crumble...

Made in a beautiful Finex Skillet...

By a locally-based Health Coach...

On WPRI's The Rhode Show!?

'Tis true!

Make this Tasty Dish in 3-ish Steps

Step 1: Get your skillet ready! You'll find Finex skillets, like the one Andrea Wool used on The Rhode Show, here at Stock. We carry the 10" and 12", as well as a cast-iron grill pan. Don't worry! We've also got you covered for measuring cups, spatulas, advice...whatever you need to feel confident in your baking adventures.

Step 2: Learn from a pro! Health Coach, Andrea Wool (Thrive Functional Wellness), has lots of experience preparing healthful and delicious meals for her clients and her family. She uses the 12" Finex cast-iron skillet with its lid to bake the perfect Autumn dessert. Follow along as she makes her "gluten-free, sugar-free, nutrient-dense skillet apple crumble" in the video below (or link to WPRI's site here).

Step 3: Get to baking! Now that you have your tools and your techniques, you're ready to go! Don't forget to share your delectable stories/pictures/leftovers with us in the store from 10-6 every day, or 24/7 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy baking!

Major thanks to Andrea for the mention during the segment, and for the irresistibly-good recipe!

And to The Rhode Show's team: thank you for getting those close-ups!