Narragansett Lager: Made on Honor Series

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] "From the stunningly gorgeous copper sauté pans that are handcrafted just down the road by Jim Hamann at DH&M Cookware, right down to the goat milk chocolate samples from Mast Brothers that await customers at the checkout counter, almost every item that Jan Dane, proprietor of Stock Culinary Goods places on her shelves has a story – a story that has meaning to her, and a story that she knows by heart. So when Jan referred to her shop as “thoughtfully sourced”, we simply had to laugh at her modesty.

Jan’s pride in each product that she carries is truly infectious, but it’s her joy in knowing that she is helping the people and businesses behind each handiwork she displays in her store earn a living with every sale that is truly commendable.

As a producer, making it to the shelves of Stock is no easy task. Jan researches endlessly to ensure that every item is made with extreme care, she vets each company she chooses to work with, personally tests most items in her own home kitchen, and works tirelessly to ensure that every item is the absolute best of its kind for its price.

The items on her shelves, the way she treats her suppliers, the incredible warmth she gives her customers and neighbors – Jan Dane and Stock Culinary Goods are Made On Honor, through and through."

Many thanks to Narragansett Brewing for featuring us as part of their Made on Honor Series. We feel honored to offer honest, local and authentic products to our customer community!