Kilchurn Estate Cheddar Cheese, 6.6 oz.

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Cheddar Cheeses from England. Aged 8 months or more.

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Product description

Kilchurn Estate Krystal Pure Cave Aged Cheddar is made using pasteurized cow's milk and the same culture that is used in Parmigiano Reggiano, to produce calcium crystals. After aging in caves in Southern England for 15 months, the end result is an extra sharp flavor and a creamy texture peppered with calcium crystals. The unique qualities of this cheddar are best for showcasing on a cheeseboard

Kilchurn Estate Caramelized Onion Cheddar blends onions, slowly caramelized with cinnamon and clove, with mild, creamy cheddar cheese. 

Kilchurn Estate Black Pepper Cheddar blends creamy, sweet young cheddar with a spicy burst of freshly cracked black pepper and onions handcrafted in southern England. Made with pasteurized cow's milk and aged for 10 months.

Kilchurn Estate Black Truffle Cheddar is a creamy, mild cow's milk cheese with bold truffle flavor and aroma. It's produced in the UK and aged for over 8 months.

Kilchurn Estate Mustard and Ale Cheddar is a classic combination of whole grain mustard, English ale, and mild, creamy cheddar, this cheese is excellent on its own, paired with a pint, melted, or shredded.