Ocean State Pepper Co. Pouches

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Ocean State Pepper Co. seasoning blends have been carefully crafted and tested for ease of use and maximum flavor, with no artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives.

Mac Daddy Cheese Sauce Mix: This spiced up mac and cheese sauce mix contains pure cheddar cheese with plenty of organic red and green bell pepper, jalapeno powder, and well-balanced seasonings to round everything off.

Bloody Mary Mix: A classic cocktail mix of horseradish, worcestershire sauce, celery salt, coarse ground pepper, and lemon.

Sage Mage: Classic fall flavors of sage, rosemary, thyme, and marjoram are tastefully blended with powdered leeks, ginger, orange peel, powdered honey and celery salt.

Hippy Dippy: A garden vegetable dip mix containing all-natural ingredients that match perfectly with a bountiful spread of fresh vegetables.

Dilly Gent: This chili-garlic pickling spice mix is a wonderful blend of dried California garlic, Pequin chilies, and a robust assortment of aromatics to give you a delicious refrigerator-style pickle.

Bold and Spicy Chili Mix: This blend of herbs and spices makes a great pot of chili.

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